Photo credit - Skyler Burt

Earth's Bounty

Show us how you view the beauty of our planet.

Share with us the fruits of labour, the richness of fresh herbs, luscious loots from vegetable gardens; anything that amuse you across the length and breadth of earth’s bountiful farm lands.

Photo credit - Krishnakumar

Fabulous Fish

Fish form one of the many wonders of marine life.

We want to see the beauty of fish through your lens.

Photo credit - Saji Antony

Market Magic

From peaches to plums, tomatoes to turnips; and take us on a journey through the meandering lanes of a market.

Photo credit - Amal Assaf

Food Portrait

Framing a meal is as scrupulous as fine tuning a recipe.
Set the lights, the mood, the table and allow us to eat off your frames.

Photo credit - Joshua Mathew

Junior GCC Food Photographer of the Year

(under 17 focusing on schools)

In photography, age is no bar. But, we want to see perspectives.

We are introducing a new section this season to encourage young photography enthusiasts to explore and exhibit food in all its glorious diaspora.