About Us

"I walk. I look. I see. I stop. I photograph."

Leon Levinstein 1955

And in that order we have seen history recreated through the eyes of many a photographer. Today’s age of smart living has given us the opportunity to do precisely what Leon envisaged in the mid 20th century.While in the yesteryears we discovered and stumbled across a few subjects to shoot in a day, we now get a plethora of options in every step and every breath we take. From the trickle of coffee dripping down the decanter and dew drops at the edge of a leaf to the bustle and hustle of a crowded supermarket or shopping mall and the flashing lights of a prolific city skyline to capturing the fine creases the bed linen forms to the placid angelic face of a sleeping baby. Nothing can escape the sharp eyes of a photographer with a mission to capture the most hidden, the most stubborn treasures that the naked eye misses. We wish to be a channel between a photographer and the world. As well as being a podium to showcase the flawless picture-perfection of a professional, we aim to provide a platform for young and aspiring photographic enthusiasts to get noticed, get appreciated and be known.

We started our journey in 2013, when we embarked on our maiden venture with ‘Framing the Experience’, a nature and travel photography contest. We dedicated 2015 to 'food and farming' - the universal language that connects all of mankind.

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About GCC Food Photography Awards

Sheer dedication and commitment of its visionary leaders and residents have converted the GCC from being a concrete jungle, into a thriving oasis. Brown hues of the desert are making way to accommodate lush green landscapes; while health and well-being are taking over sedentary lifestyles.

We wish to show our solidarity to this trending drive by encouraging people in this flourishing haven, the GCC, to eat healthy, live healthy and stay healthy.

We invite everyone: young and old, local and expat, novice and expert, to take part.

Share with us your photographs of food in its many colours, textures and preparations. We hope to launch our next competition soon.